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My horses have been under the care of this practice since it opened, and always will be.  Without fail, Dr. Vivrette and every other vet who has been associated with this practice has provided compassionate, top notch care for every horse they've seen for me, regardless of the horse's age, value, or job.  

They kept my dressage schoolmaster happy and performing until age 27, and then happily retired until age 34, a pretty remarkable feat for a horse with EPM, enteroliths, damaged lungs, and one who was generally a neurotic, picky eater, hard keeper, difficult TB.  They kept my childhood pony sound and winning at shows until he died at age 30.  Currently they are managing an incredibly difficult and rather fragile guy, who has Cushings, anhydrosis, insulin resistance, missing an eye, 5 bouts of laminitis, and arthritis - and at 20, he is sound and happy and still jumping, which I truly didn't expect would be possible for him.  

They view themselves as part of your horse's healthcare team, and will work with your farrier and other professionals, and educate you, to help your horse reach his/her full potential.  They are incredibly thorough - be prepared for biannual vaccinations to include mini physicals, reviews of diet, recommendations on shoeing, etc.  I am a firm believer that this philosophy of care has caught numerous problems in my horses before they were really problems, saving me a small fortune over the years, and enabling my horses to have far longer careers and lives than they might otherwise have had.  I could not be more grateful for the exceptional care they have provided to my four-legged children over many years. 

Lara K.

It was such a pleasure to meet Sally--by the end of the afternoon I felt as though we had been friends forever. She is my kind of girl, super smart, funny, and passionate about her life's work. It was truly my pleasure.

Kate I.

It is difficult to put into words just how wonderful Triangle Equine Veterinary Services has been to me and my horses over the years. My relationship with Dr. Sally Vivrette spans over a decade. Her engaging, honest and compassionate approach to equine veterinary medicine had me hooked from the first day I met her. Not only is Dr. Vivrette a brilliant veterinarian, skilled in areas such as lameness diagnostics, equine dentistry and preventive care, but she is an active equine enthusiast and a skilled horsewoman. I feel that this translates seamlessly into her vision and mission for Triangle Equine and really sets her apart from her competition. Dr. Jennifer Patterson joined Dr. Vivrette's team and I cannot say enough good things about her kind and understanding approach and sharp eye for performance horse issues. I can always trust that she will be thorough and follow up after each visit. They have literally laughed and held my hand through many ups and downs with my personal horses. As a local equine professional, I am also proud to offer my clients the customer service and expert care that Triangle Equine provides. The TEVS team has been a crucial part of helping my amateur adult clients sort through training issues and find joy in the relationship they have with their horses. I never question the value of the services and care we all receive. If you're searching for an equine vet to care for your horse's routine needs, dentistry, pre-purchase exam, lameness, illness or injury, and you want a unique experience and genuine relationship with your vet, Triangle Equine Veterinary Services comes highly recommended by me.

Genevieve A.

The Best! I am always grateful for the help, the information, and the devotion to the best care for the equines and the rest of the animal family!

Jacquie M.

Dr. Vivrette was my most memorable mentor while I was a veterinary student in the late 80s/early 90s. Her ethics, reasoning, and dedication shaped my entire veterinary career subsequently. Clients would be very lucky to have Dr. Vivrette as a resource.

Ruth V.

Thanks for the good care Dr. Vivrette has given our horse.  She has gone above and beyond.  Please let her know how much we appreciate her efforts.

Donna M.